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Welcome to HDC
General Information
Studio News/Update:August 1st 2011
Our Schedule
        NEW Website:
hudsondancecenter.com CLICK HERE
Recital Information
Registration: for September 2011-show May 2012>
JazzFUNKY+Tap-the best for more than 13 years ~Ballet~ StreetFunk~Contemporary-HipHop- Yoga- Mom Tot-Flamenco-Tumbling-Zumba and so much more 28 weeks of classes +2 FULL Rehearsals + 2 shows!
Official registration date is August 26th 2011- in the NEW studio.
1-7pm-please call Sharon 450 458 4251 to RESERVE your place today
        <The HDC is Hudson, St.Lazare & Rigaud's #1 choice for dance education>
where classes are always FUN! We offer the BEST in dance education at the LOWEST cost!                       Serving the local communities since September 1998
Artistic Director: Sharon Weiner
HDC Pages- lots to see
Tap Teacher
Samantha Richie
Ballet Teacher:
Miss Suzie de Bellefeuille
Street Funk:
Caroline Ostiguy
Contemporary Teacher: Kerwin Barrington
1300 SQ of Dancing Space!
We do not believe we are the best because we are the biggest INSTEAD we believe we are the biggest because our student's & families say we are the best!
Please take note that ALL the Pictures are of REAL dancers, actual STUDENTS of the HDC!
the HDC= Big bright dance studio- hardwood sprung floors, wall to wall mirrors and ballet barres..
Our cozy waiting room/homework space